Seacoast Safari

sunday start

July 18th and 19th is our biggest charity ride of the year, a beautiful two-day ride along the coast of Southern Maine. It’s a great ride for a great cause. The route is a perfect one for your first century ride, your PR century, or just to log a lot of miles with friends on a beautiful mid-summer weekend. Join Bobby’s Quaddies.


Only Five Days until the May Destination Ride

Only five days now until our first Destination Ride of the Month, to Acton (40 miles) and Harvard (60 miles). With Kate​ and Jim​ taking the fast kids out, Brian​ and Cyndy leading the medium group, Gail​ leading the 40 mile route at a no-drop pace, and Pamela​ even vetting the idea of a long, no-drop option, I think there will be something for everyone. Join the ride, and invite your friends. We’ll leave Quad Cycles at 9:30 am.

May Destination Ride: Nagog and Harvard

On May 17th, instead of our normal routes, we’ll take a special ride out to Nagog and Harvard. We’ll have a slower-paced ride of about 40 miles, to the top of Nagog Hill road in Littleton, and both medium-paced and fast-paced rides going to Harvard. Meet us at 9:30 at Quad Cycles in Arlington to join in.

Bobby Mac Memorial Ride

One week from today, we’ll kick the season off right with the Bobby Mac Memorial Ride.

The early crew will start at 8am and do the full Bobby Mac Route, about 55 miles. The main crew will follow at 10am and hit some of the highlights, for about 28 miles. We’ll all meet together shortly after noon, for music, photos, food, and memories of our dear, departed friend, the one and only Bobby Mac.

Register here.